IHI Energy Storage

IHI Energy Storage

an end-to-end energy solution

IHI Energy Storage combines system design and engineering expertise and technologically advanced software to simulate, design, and operate the best energy storage solutions for your needs.

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The simulation and operation software run on the same algorithm, synching designed energy storage strategy with actual operation. This makes operation match simulation and design as closely as possible.

Multi-application enabler

ESWare develops a dispatch strategy using non-linear programing to utilize multiple application stacking with an economic engine.


The software reacts in real-time, changing dispatch strategy and modes of operation based on a variety of inputs such as weather patterns, grid needs, market prices, and more.


With ESWare, your energy storage system can run autonomously and remotely to provide the best benefit with ease.

The ESWare Suite

At the core of IHI's offering is the proprietary software suite, ESWare. ESWare is an end-to-end energy storage software that enables customers to maximize the value of their energy storage systems.

With robust and efficient non-linear programing, ES/Analyzer develops the best energy storage dispatch simulation available given your project parameters. Using historical data and advanced metrics, ES/Analyzer provides you with summary report and pro-forma including optimal sizing (MW, MWh) to maximize the return and other key details to build your energy storage project. The unique parametric analysis function enables you to compare the financials of different sizing options to select the energy storage system that most effectively meets your needs.

Building on ES/Analyzer's functionality, ES/Optimizer derives the optimal operation schedule for an energy storage system under real-time control – while using the same optimization framework and algorithm as ES/Analyzer. ES/Optimizer also leverages a neural network to forecast load, evaluate the forecast alongside real-time data, and uses this information to guide the dispatch operation of the energy storage system. With this advanced forecasting technique and the end-to-end algorithm structure, the ESWare suite keeps simulation and operation closely linked and accurately schedules the operation of the energy storage system.

The final piece in the ESWare suite is a site control platform that connects ES/Optimizer with the energy storage system. ES/Pilot operates the energy storage system autonomously through the connection with batteries and power conversion systems, based on the information provided by ES/Optimizer. ES/Pilot has 9 modes of operation, including economic dispatch, rule-based dispatch, and more. It is designed to be scalable with domain and zone controllers and adaptable for various systems.





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