ES/Forecaster: Ontario Global Adjustment

ES/Forecaster is designed to enable customers to reduce their Ontario Global Adjustment charge, a system peak related charge tied to energy usage during the five peak hours annually. The software provides peak prediction services to help accurately determine when these peak hours occur, and enables users to react swiftly and effectively. With day-ahead forecasts, real-time alerts, and an online web portal with up-to-date forecasts and insight into peak probability, ES/Forecaster is a highly effective tool to reduce Global Adjustment charges – both for customers leveraging energy storage assets and those utilizing demand response to lower their charges.

Day ahead forecasts and hourly peak probabilities will be available via the online portal, with email and text alerts on high peak days. On days with sudden increase in demand, intraday alerts will be provided via email, text, and the online portal.

The software has been backtested using data from 2007 to present day, for a high level of accuracy – with an average of 26 days per year of operation, IHI Energy Storage’s peak prediction software accurately predicted 100% of the peak days. IHI Energy Storage’s hourly peak probability prediction allows two hour battery systems to achieve 85% accuracy.

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