Who We Are


IHI Energy Storage is a division of IHI, Inc and its parent company IHI Corporation, a 160-year-old organization with deep energy industry experience. IHI Energy Storage provides technology-agnostic energy storage systems solutions based on end-to-end software and unique expertise.

At the core of IHI’s offering is the ESWare suite. With three software products, ES/Analyzer, ES/Optimizer, and ES/Pilot, IHI Energy storage designs, develops, and deploys optimized energy storage systems.

The end-to-end algorithm structure coupled with a well-established parent organization enables IHI Energy Storage to provide an advanced warranty to customers, reducing project risk and increasing clarity on system scheduling and deployment.

The robust software and top tier energy storage solutions are developed by the expert team at IHI Energy Storage. Employees have extensive industry knowledge and experience, and enthusiastically seek to build on IHI’s advanced product offerings.

With expertise, robust software, technology-agnostic solutions, and adaptive capabilities, IHI Energy Storage develops efficient and streamlined systems to achieve your energy storage goals.



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