IHI Energy Storage leverages advanced software, energy industry expertise, and technology-agnostic designs to develop high-end energy storage solutions.

Expert System Sizing

IHI’s proprietary software simulates the designed system and selects the optimal¬†control platform, inverter, and other major components for your needs, as well as determines the optimal battery model and size given the parameters provided. The simulator is technology-agnostic and selects the best components available for the designed system.

Real-time Autonomous Operation

ESWare’s real-time data integration, machine learning forecasting, and cloud based operation are the basis for the autonomous operation mode. Selecting autonomous operation mode automatically dispatches the energy storage system (while other available modes allow for more hands-on control of the system).

Scalable Controls

The components of the ESWare Suite are built with a focus on reliability and scalability, and are effective from approximately hundreds of kW to hundreds of MW across multiple applications.

Financial Analysis

ES/Analyzer provides investment analysis and use case evaluation including: NPV, IRR, ROI, peak shaving forecasting, T&D deferrals, renewables support, demand charge reduction, energy arbitrage, Ontario Global Adjustment reduction, and more.

Fleet Management and Reporting

The ESWare suite can manage multiple storage systems and provide a centralized control platform, streamlining operation and deployment.

Warranty and Performance Guarantee

IHI Energy Storage offers a warranty and advanced performance guarantee for each project, grounded in the reliability of the end-to-end ESWare software suite and the expertise of IHI Corporation backing the IHI Energy Storage team.

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