A complete solar + storage solution provider grounded in advanced software.

GigaWatt Solution:

This product offering ranges from 20MW+. The GigaWatt solution is an adaptable solution for large scale energy storage.


MegaWatt Solution:

This product offering ranges from 2MW-20MW. The MegaWatt solution seamlessly integrates AC and DC coupled solar + storage projects.


Smart systems and data-driven software combine to access all revenue opportunities in major North American renewables markets.

Cutting-edge technology delivers the highest efficiency systems in the industry with advanced clipped energy capture.

Industry leaders in system quality and safety provide unique hardware and software offerings and a private testing lab for risk mitigation and technology diversification.

A strong, long-term warranty supported by IHI Corporation’s 165 years of advanced engineering experience and long-term commitment to energy systems mitigates investment risk.

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