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IHI Energy Storage has experience across North America and Japan, with key projects in Massachusetts, New York, and Ontario. Use cases focus on DC-coupled solar + storage and include stand-alone storage, Ontario Global Adjustment reduction, emergency response, and more.

Sarnia, Ontario Projects (with Convergent Energy + Power)

Size: 10MW/20MWh

Battery Technology: Li-Ion (LG Chem)

Use Case: Ontario Global Adjustment charge reduction

IHI’s Scope: ESS system with control platform (ESWare), system engineering and integration, operations and maintenance services, and capacity guarantee



Braintree Electric Light Department (with Borrego Solar)

Size: 2MW/4MWh

Battery Technology: Li-Ion (Samsung SDI)

Use Case: Renewables support and peak load reduction

IHI’s Scope: Control platform and autonomous operation (ESWare)/system integration



Tucson Electric Power

Battery storage units for the Prairie Fire solar array. Photo by David Sanders/TEP. 12192018.

Size: 1MW/1MWh

Battery Technology: Li-Ion (Samsung SDI, LG Chem)

Use Case: Renewable ramp up/down support and capacity investment deferral

IHI’s Scope: Control platform and autonomous operation (ESWare)/system integration



Fukushima Microgrid

Size: 500kW/2.6MWh

Battery Technology: LG Chem

Use Case: Microgrid

IHI’s Scope: Control platform (ESWare)/system integration

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